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About Wartune

Wartune is a free online RPG or MMORPG game played directly in your browser. It is a free no download game enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Currently, Wartune is the most popular and best new game for 2013. The Official Wartunes Strategy Guide shows serious RPG gamers how to beat all the wartune levels. In essence, the guide is your number one source of cheats for wartune, starting with level 1 and taking you all the way to the top levels in the game. Even strategies on how to create your very own guild and succesfully become a strategic guild master.

Character Stats Building

Discover the basic character stats that are used in the wartune game and how you can best use those stats to increase your characters fighting abilities. In Wartune, your character strength is vital to glide through the higher levels. The Wartune Strategy Guide shows you how to improve your stats, your character's strength and how to efficiently win your battles. Take your adventure to the next level in the best free multiplayer games - Wartune!

Wartune Gold Production

Gold is the most valuable resource in the wartune game, you must understand how to obtain that gold and how to best use Wartune gold to your advantage. Discover how to maximize your efforts in the wartune gold refinery. Let the Wartune Strategy Guide show you where you need to build and conserve your Gold for each level. Here are some of the gold tips you will learn in the Wartunes Strategy Guide:
  • Wartune claim gold mines
  • Wartune gold cheats
  • How to get gold in wartune
  • How to farm gold in wartune
  • Good way to make gold in wartune
  • Tips how to generate gold astral
  • Wartune gold making guide
  • Wartune gold boost level
  • Wartune gold farming

Wartune Astral Guide

The wartune astral strategy guide will help you discover the benefits of using astrals to enhance your characters abilities. You will also find the best way to obtain higher level astrals by following this wartune guide.

The wartune astral system is designed to help build up the stats of your character during fights. Some astrals work as a passive stat for your character and raise the stats as long as you have the astral on. Discover Wartune Astral tips, tircks and strategies in the Wartune Strategy Guide, to build up your character.

The astral system has 5 colors: white, blue, green, purple, and orange. The strength of these astrals are in that order also with white being "misfortune" and worth nothing and orange being the strongest. Orange is also called yellow and Gold, to avoid confusion, Gold Astral or Yellow astral are referred to as Orange. Knowing how to acquire and use your astral will add to your strength and increase your levles in the game.

Learn how to earn points for capturing astrals, and then use those points in the astral shop to purchase astrals that you want. Capturing astrals cost gold and there are 5 different levels which you can capture from starting at 4k gold to as high as 10k gold for each attempt to capture. Learn how to get Orange Astral in our easy to understand Astral FAQ in the book.

  • What determines your astral value in wartune
  • Guide to how wartune astrals work
  • Trick in capturing astrals in wartune
  • How to synthesize astrals in wartune
  • What are the astral points in wartune
  • Wartune astral fast up level up
  • Wartune knight astral guide
  • How to upgrade astrals fast in wartune
  • Wartune astral capture tips
  • How to get high level astrals
  • How to get fastest astral points wartune
  • Best mage astrals wartune
  • Tips on capturing astral in wartune
  • Why do we have to lock astrals wartune
  • What does emergine astral do in wartune

Wartune Forgotten Catacombs Guide

The wartune forgotten catacombs which is also known as the wartune crypt is an excellent place to gain socketing gems, wartune runes, character experience, crypt tokens, and other items. The wartune crypt, which has over 100 levels, is one of the hardest parts in the wartune game and for this reason, the Wartune Strategy Guide covers all the strategies to apply in order to get the most value for your character out of the catacombs.

Learn the Wartune catacombs strategy to successfully:
  • Find Wartune Catacombs Items
  • Collect Rewards in the Forgotten Catacombs
  • Learn Catacombs Item Drops
  • Increase XP Gain
  • How to Complete Catacombs
  • Catacomb Top Prize
  • What is the Wartune Blitz in Catacomb
  • Finding the Experience Scroll in Catacomb
  • Build Up for Forgotten Catacombs
The forgotten catacombs which is also referred to as the crypt has 100 levels of monsters. The catacombs are split up into sections of 10 levels each. You will have a boss at each 5th level except the first 10 levels which does not contain a boss until the 10th level. Although reward chest can spawn after any fight on any level, there is a reward chest after each boss fight.

The main purpose of the catacombs is to gain exp and open reward chests. Chest can conatin runes, gems, and other items but mostly gems. Find where all the reward chests are in the game with The fficial Wartune Strategy guide! Collect Gems, rewards and learn the secret to getting larger rewards with a crypt key.

Wartune Guild Guide

One of the best parts about playing Wartune, is that you can start and build your very own guild. Few free multiplayer games provide this opportunity. Starting a guild allows you to be the controller, moderator and owner of your own fantasy game empire. The guilds in wartune are pretty much like running a business. You have the guild members which all work together by contributing to the guild and the guild master which makes decisions on buildings to upgrade with those contributions. Othe decisions you can make are who is promoted to guild offer and guild assistant, and decide who is able to enter the guild battles (because guild battles are limited to only 50 players).

Guild officers and Assistants are able to invite other players to join the guild where regular guild members are not. Guild assistants are also able to add players to guild battles. So in essence the guild officers and guild assistants could be looked at as "managers" in a business setting. Only the guild master can summon the tree of ancients, post recruit links in world chat, and upgrade buildings. The guild master would be equal to the owner or ceo of the business.

All guild members are able to spend their contributions on items in the guild shop, spinning the altar wheel (known as guild blessings), and purchase skills from the guild skill tower. The guild skill tower offers skills that can be purchased from lv 1 - lv 10 depending upon what level the skill tower building is. These skills increase the players stats such as the power skill increases the strength of the player which adds +4 to attack and +1 to PDEF. The skills are Power, Defense, Intelligence, Chrisma, Endurance, and gold production boost.

Guild masters have the responsibility to help all members work together to do multi-player maps together, do arena challenges together, and basically help one another to build the guild even stronger. The Official Wartune Strategy has a secgion dedicated to helping you become a Guild Master and building your Wartune Guild. Learn how to start your own Wartune Guild today!

Other Parts Of Wartune Strategy Guide

Wartune Farming Stategies - This chapter explains how wartune farming works and the many benefits of properly using the farm. The farm section also explains about wartune farm friends, what should be the most planted resource, and how to expand your farm to get the most out of it.

Wartune Hall Of Heroes - This chapter goes into great detail about the multiplayer dungeon maps, what maps become available at what levels and tips and tricks on how to pass each of these maps. This section does basically give a walkthrough of maps from level 20 - level 60. As the first map opens up when a character reaches lv 20. This section also includes basic information about the new spire that wartune recently added. The spire is called an event and not a map due to the fact there is no "map" you are basically fighting one boss after another.

Wartune Academy And Barracks - The Wartune Academy chapter explains the importance in utilizing the technologies in the academy to boost your character stats, boost the stats of your troops, and increase gold productions. The Wartune Barracks chapter goes into great detail when troops will become available, what troops are more powerful, when to use troops and at what level they should be. This chapter also explains how to upgrade troops and advance their skills by using convert and enlightenment.

Earn Free Balens - This section discusses how to earn free balens in Wartune and how to make the best use of your balens in advancing your character. This section also explains how to always get credit while earning free balens.

Other features in the Official Wartune Strategy Guide - Explains Wartune character stas, vip benefits, blacksmithing in wartune, wartune arena single battles and player vs player battles, wartune tips and tricks, and more!

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