Wartune Recover Experience

wartune academyIf you have been offline for a day and missed any of the events in wartune you can now recover lost experiance, gold, daru, and even stamina. The recovery system only saves items for one day. If you do not login on the second day, the items are reset.

You have basic and advanced recover options. The basic will give you the rewards where the advanced will give you greater rewards. Each option cost resources so be sure to pay close attention to the cost of each. You can find out the cost by clicking on the basic or advanced recover button.

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The wartune recover experience screen can be very helpful in allowing you to obtain your characters experience that you may have lost. Each time your use the recover it will cost you either gold or signet training so be sure to watch your resources so you do not over spend.

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Wartune Experience Recover

wartune guildThe wartune recover experience system is simple to use and can be very powerful if you choose to use it the right way. On some of the options you can claim your rewards or claim all rewards. This depends upon what type of recovery is open to you. Keep in mind that if you claim all it will use the cost x the attempts. So if your cost is 200,000 gold and you have 5 attempts, claiming all will cost you 1 million gold.

The advanced feature of the recovery system allows you to obtain even more rewards but it cost you signet training instead of gold coins. Make sure to check your inventory for signet training that you have as you do not want to waste your resources. You also have the option to use balens if your desire but I suggest not wasting balens on the recover system.

Did you miss a day of activity and want to make up for it? Now you can! If your Stamina is beyond maximum (200) when you gain the daily stamina restore (after a day of non-activity) you can gain the related EXP/Gold/Daru/Insignia from the remainder of "Get EXP" in Daily Events. Please note that Signet Training for Advanced Recovery will be added as a feature in the future. You may substitute balens for Signet Training in the meantime if you wish to utilize Advance Recovery

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