Wartune Gold Production

wartune online gaming Gold is the most valuable resource in the wartune adventure game and as you progress through the world of wartune and increase in level, the need of that gold will increase by 10 fold. Gold is produced by your city depending upon what level your town hall has reached. There are many other ways to obtain gold though and it is very important for your success that you take advantage of every way you can produce gold. Note that some wartune gold production abilities in wartune will not be available until you reach a certain level (Gold Refinery is not unlocked until you reach level 24).

Gold can be produced by levy from your town hall, doing bounty quest, daily quest, campaigns, increasing the gold skill in your guild, increasing the technology in your academy, reaching new levels, farming, gold mines in the wilds, and other various ways through-out wartune. Your cities base production of gold will increase as you increase in level and you upgrade your town hall. Upgrading your town hall will also increase the levy you can obtain every day.

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Bounty Quest And Daily Quest
You can do a maximum of 20 bounty quest per day, doing these quest will give you exp and gold. These bounty quest are randomly generated from the Bounty Hall in your city every 30 minutes. To obtain the most amount of gold and experience you will want to focus on the bounty quest that pay the highest bonuses. Daily quest are quest that are set by wartune and do change from time to time. You can locate the daily quest from your quest menu by clicking on the scroll at the bottom right side of your screen. The amount of gold varies on the daily quest so be sure to check them every day.

Wartune Game Campaigns
You can obtain gold by doing wartune game campaigns though the campaign button or from the hall of heroes. Obtaining this gold is random and may not be available on every campaign that you do. You can obtain this gold from chest or from coin purses laying on the ground.

Gold Power Boost Skill
You can increase your cities gold production by leveling up the gold boost skill in your guilds tower. The level that you can purchase (purchase with guild contributions) depends upon the level of the skill tower in your guild. The gold power boost skill will increase your gold production by a certain percentage.

Gold For Reaching New Levels
As you increase in level you will be granted a certain amount of experience and gold in the form of main quest. The amount of gold you receive is based upon the level you are reaching.

Farming For Gold
It is my opinion that farming is the best way to produce gold in wartune. You have the ability to plant gold (and other resources) once every few hours. The amount of time it takes for your crops to mature depend upon the level of your land and the seed that you are planting. Because you can plant a new crop 5, 6, or even 7 times a day, you have the ability to produce a vast amount of gold. There are different level of seeds so the amount you crop will depend upon not only the level of your farm land but also the level of the seed planted. You also have the ability to help "harvest" (or steal) gold from your friends farm.

Wartune Wold Boss Fight For Gold
3 times a day there is a wartune world boss fight that allows you to get gold and daru. The amount of gold that you can receive from the boss fights are based upon the amount of damage you do to the boss. The more damage you do the gold you will receive. If you reach 1% of damage to the boss you will also get an additional bonus of 50k in gold. The final hit to the world boss will reward you with 1 million+ in gold (at the time of writing this the final boss blow gave a reward of 1.2 million in gold).

Arena Rank For Gold
Based on the ranking of your Arena status, you can claim a certain amount of Gold and Daru every 3 days. The higher level Wartune arena ranking that you have, the more gold and daru that you can obtain. Currently you are allowed to do 20 arena duels every day.

Wartune Gold Production Other Methods

wartune guildThere are other methods in wartune to claim gold. You have the ability to gain gold from Altar spins in your guild, these are known as guild blessings. You can claim gold from the VIP Wheel with VIP Tokens - To see a detailed secret wartune game hint of how to claim 580k in gold from the VIP Wheel, visit TheLeague's private forum. You can also receive gold from the daily login bonus and from clearing campaign maps.

For those that dont mind putting money into the wartune game, you can also receive gold as a bonus when you purchase Balens. There are several levels you can purchase which will determine the amount of gold you get as a bonus. From time to time wartune will run specials that will give you more gold as a bonus. You can also perform alchemy which exchanges Balens for gold, careful though because this could get expensive real fast.

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