Wartune Forgotten Catacombs

wartune cryptThe wartune forgotten catacombs which is also known as the wartune crypt is an excellent place to gain socketing gems, wartune runes, character experience, crypt tokens, and other items. The wartune crypt is one of the hardest parts in the wartune game and for this reason we will go over some basic strategies for you to apply in order to get the most out of the catacombs.

The wartune forgotten catacombs consist of 100 levels that you must pass before you can continue onto the tormented necropolis. The levels are grouped into 10 which means you will have a boss fight every 10 levels. All levels except for the the first 10 levels also has a sub-boss at the 5th stage of that group. In other words after you pass the first 10 levels (first group) you will fight a boss every 5th level.

While treasure chest can spawn randomly at any point in the catacombs, you are guaranteed a nice treasure chest after each boss. This is where you will get the bulk of your gems and runes. Before you enter the crypt you are given a choice to use a crypt key to double the items and experience you receive in the catacombs. You definitely always want to use a crypt key if you have one to take full advantage of the double bonus. Especially since you can only enter the crypt once per day.

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Before entering the crypt you want to make sure you have your strategy planned out ahead of time. It is a good idea to always carry power potion, intelligence potion, defense potion, endurance potion, and a few scrolls. The power and intelligence potions can be purchased through your guilds shop, endurance potion can be purchased from the arena shop, and scrolls can be purchased from the crypt shop.

It's also a good idea to carry along a few runes such as health runes, rage runes, and even brutality runes. Before you use any of these items though, you want to try and run through the catacombs with your character without using any potions or scrolls. You want to find out how far you can get, once you have that figured out then you can start using potions and scrolls.

wartune strategy

Do not waste many runes in the catacombs, if you can't pass a level with your potions then build your character up more and try again. Runes cost vouchers (or balens) and you don't want to waste your valuable vouchers or balens.

Wartune Crypt Shop

wartune guildThe wartune crypt shop has some fantastic items in it that can be purchased with crypt tokens. Some of these items are rings and jewelry which can help build up your character stats. Be sure to save your tokens and get these items as soon as you can. The crypt shop also contains scrolls that can be purchased for 30 crypt tokens, these scrolls should be used for the more difficult boss fights in the catacombs or the hall of heroes.

The crypt shop also contains synthetic materials that can be used in the blacksmith for synthesizing equipment and gear. Pay close attention to what you purchase though because you need to keep in mind that you will be upgrading when you reach higher levels. When you reach higher levels you will need to purchase the gear for that level to keep your characters strength up.

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