Wartune Farming Strategies

wartune online gamingFarming is an extremely important part of the wartune game because it helps in gold production and obtaining kyanite. While you can use farming to also plant daru, it is not in your best interest to use your valuable farm land for this purpose. Daru can be claimed through boss fights and from dungeons very easily and faster. You will also receive daru in larger amounts through the world boss fights and dungeons.

In this wartune farm strategy guide we will cover all aspects of your wartune farm to help you take advantage of this valuable part of wartune. Understanding how your farm works and what are the best things to plant will help you succeed in wartune. We will also cover some aspects of the wartune friendship and stealing (err, help harvest) from your friends farms.

You can access your wartune farm by either clicking on the tree of ancients or by clicking on the the farm itself from your city view. When you first access your farm you will notice that there are 3 important parts: Tree of Ancients, Farm Land, and Farm Shop. So you fully understand wartune farming we will cover all 3 of these important sections below.

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Wartune Tree of Ancients - The tree of ancients will give you x amount of vouchers and x amount of kyanite every day (every 24 hours). As long as your tree has been energized fully you will be able to pickup these bonuses. You can energize your own tree 3 times a day, the rest will need to be done by your friends. You can energize your friends tree which will give you bonus gold + friendship level will increase by 1.

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Wartune Farm Land - This is where you plant your seeds that you obtain from the farm shop, vip wheel, or bonuses given out by wartune. You will be given bonus experience seeds, daru seeds, and kyanite seeds in the first few levels of the game. You are best to use your farm for only 2 seeds though, this includes gold and kyanite. These are the most important seeds to plant. You can only plant 1 kyanite seed at a time but gold you can plant multiple seeds. The higher level you reach with your character the more land plots will open up and become available for you to use.

Wartune Farm Shop - Here you can purchase seeds either by balens or gold. Higher level seeds will become available the higher your farm level becomes. For the most part unless you want to spend cash, you are best to purchase seeds with gold. The most important seed is the gold seeds. You need plenty of gold in wartune so focus more on planting gold.

Wartune Farming, Friends, And Experience

wartune farmingWartune's friends system plays a vital role in your wartune farm. Having good guild friends are the best, so they can help keep an eye on your farm and de-weed it from time to time. Having active friends is a great help to you because the more active friends the more tree's you can energize and the more farm land you can steal from. Now it should be noted that if one of your guild mates is online, then you should inform them their farm is ready and not steal from it.

Keep in mind that your friends can also steal from your farm, so if you do not keep a close eye out on your farm you could lose some resources (it's not that much really). Your friends can also help you de-weed your farm and keep it clear of pest, while you also do the same for them. Doing so will help you build farm experience which will upgrade your farm level (note this is not land level). Upgrading your farm level will open up new farm plots for you to plant more seeds.

You can only do a maximum of 200 farm experience each day.

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