Wartune Character Stats Guide

wartune online gamingWhen you first register for Wartune and select your game character, you are presented with many different stats for that wartune character. In this basic wartune character stats guide we will cover some important points on the wartune stats. Obviously as with any online mmorpg browser based game, you want to increase only certain stats depending upon the character you choose. For example knights have no need for intelligence while mages require increasing their stats for intelligence (which increases the magic abilities of mages).

In wartune you have 2 different sets of stats which could be a little confusing. To lessen the confusion we will refer to these wartune game stats as base stats and real stats. The base stats are what you see on your characters page on the right side. The real stats are located on the same page but on the left side. Reaching new levels in the wartune game will increase your characters base stats. While adding gems, using potions, scrolls, and crafting astrals will increase your real stats.

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The base stats of your character affect the real stats. Your real stats are PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, CRIT, Block, HP, And Troop Count, these are the stats that are used during battles. Any equipment (gear) that you obtain and equip along with wartune gems affect your real stats.

Wartune Game Character Stats Overview

wartune profile Base Wartune Stats
Strength: PATK +4 and PDEF +1 for every point
Armor: MDEF +4 and PDEF + 4 for every point Intellect: MATK +4 and MDEF +1 for every point
Endurance: Health (HP) + 20 for every point
Charisma: Boost Troop count

What this means is every time you level up in the wartune game, your real stats will increase by the X amount. In other words if you level up and your strength says +1, it will add 1 point to your base stats and 4 points to your real stats for PATK and 1 point to your real stats for PDEF.

Wartune Real Stats
The character stats here are pretty self explanatory. You will want to increase these based on the type of character you selected to play as. For example mages have a natural high MDEF but want to increase their MATK and PDEF. Archers and Knights have a natural high PDEF but need to increase their MDEF and PATK. Below you will see what stats increase each type of character should focus on.

wartune strategy

PATK: Physical Attack (archers and knights)
PDEF: Physical Defense (mages, archers, and knights)
MATK: Magical Attack (mages)
MDEF: Magical Defense (archers and knights)
CRIT: Critical (mages, knights, and most effective for archers)
BlOCK: Rate of Dodge (mages, archers, and most effective for knights)
HP: Health (mages, archers, and knights)
Troop Count: Amount Of Troops (mages, archers, and knights)

* Because the multiplier for troop count is relatively small in terms of battle. Most players will focus on other stats instead of Charisma.

* Critical affects the chance of critical attacks. Each crit is roughly 0.025% to 0.05% of critical chance.

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