Academy and Research Strategy

wartune academyThe wartune academy is one of the building located in your city that has been designed to help boost your gold production, character stats, and your troop stats. In this wartune academy and research strategy guide we will cover some of the important aspects of technology research. The academy building is there to help you through the game so be sure to utilize it and take full advantage of the technologies it offers.

Wartune academy uses kyanite to research different types of technology. You will receive kyanite mostly through farming (kyanite seeds) and plundering other players cities. You have 5 plundering attempts a day which will produce a certain amount of kyanite. The higher level you are the more kyanite will be obtained through plundering other players. You can also claim kyanite through dungeons, campaigns, and from the vip wheel in the form of seeds.

Official Wartune Strategy Guide

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The academy is an important part of your strategy when playing wartune. The technologies will help give you that extra edge that you need to defeat stronger enemies. Not all technologies are available when you first access the academy. Additional technologies will be unlocked for academy research as you progress in level. The list below will show you when these technologies will become available to you.

wartune strategy

wartune technologies researchLevel 1: Gold Production
Level 2: Hero HP
Level 4: Hero PATK
Level 5: Troop PATK
Level 6: Hero MATK
Level 7: Troop MATK
Level 8: Hero PDEF
Level 9: Troop PDEF
Level 10: Hero MDEF
Level 11: Troop MDEF
Level 12: Troop Count

If you are an archer or a knight you do not need to worry about hero MATK, this is for mages. Your troop technologies should always be last on the list. Unless you are going to use angels as your troops (available upon lv 40) you do not need to worry about troop MATK.

Wartune Academy Strategies

wartune guildYou should build these technologies by giving the most important ones your attention first. If you are just starting out, you want to make sure you conserve and save as much kyanite as possible because you will need a multiple of 10x when you get to higher levels. For now your best wartune game strategy is to build up your gold productions and hero stats.

Notice the screenshot to the right, you will see there are 99,666 kyanite in reserve on this account. You will also see the hero technologies and gold production has been maxed out to lv 51 because this character is a lv 51. As stated above the troop technologies have been researched but not maxed out because most of the kyanite has gone to the important technologies.

The reason why there are 99k kyanite on reserve with this account is because the wartune character is about to reach level 52. Once level 52 is reached than all hero technologies and gold production will be researched immediately. Because this account is a VIP account there is no cool down wait time. After doing the research on the important technologies (which will cost 65,000 kyanite) then the remainder kyanite will be split up to research the troop technologies.

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