Xcution Wartune Guild

wartune online gamingJoin one of the most honorable guilds on wartune and benefit greatly from other hard core online browser based gamers that are willing to spend the time with you and help you become stronger in wartune. To join, create an account on wartune.com and create your character using s29 server. Once you have reached level 12 then you are able to join Xcution Guild.

Upon your hero reaching level 12, a tutorial will force your hero to apply to one or more guilds. Locate Xcution Guild and click on apply. Once you have been approved you will be welcomed by many members that are willing to answers your questions and help you with wartune. Active members also get access to Xcution Private Forum where you will find strategies not found anyplace else.

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Discover how to become a strong warrior on wartune with valor, honesty, and honor. Xcution helps it's members do multi-player campaigns, cross server arena battles, and helps by giving proven advise on the best ways to upgrade your character.

Official Wartune Strategy Guide

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Wartune Honor And Respect

wartune guildXcution Guild currently is ranked #2 in Guild Battles, we firmly believe in having honor and respect during these battles. No member of Xcution Guild will ever attack the spawn point of the opposing guild. If the opposing guild ask for a truce then no battle will occur as we respect the other guild and it's members wishes.

This is what it means to become apart of a wartune guild that has been built upon the basis of valor, honesty, and honor. Xcution strives to help all those in the guild to become not only stronger players but better players that makes the entire game more enjoyable for all on the s29 server.

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