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wartune online gamingWartune is a free online 2D browser-based RPG multiplayer game that sets you in the era of nights, mages, and archers. You are Balenor's chosen mighty warrior hero that will construct and upgrade a city of your own, while taking part in a variety of dungeons, quests and events. Among wartune's most notable features, you'll find dungeons, city building, farming, guilds, and PvP in the form of competition with other surrounding player castles.

As the lord of the city, you need to expand your city, develop your economy and raise powerful armies to defeat demon hordes. Expanding your city requires you to level up your character through completing quest, single player dungeons, and multiplayer dungeons. Wartune has over 20 daily quests and 20 bounty quests you can do every day to obtain gold, experience, and other valuable items.

Official Wartune Strategy Guide

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Gold production in wartune is one of the most important resources that you need to utilize in order to expand your city, enhance the skills of your game character, increase the strength of your armor, and help increase the stats of your character through the use of gems. Other resources that are vital to your success in wartune are daru and kyanite. Daru which can be obtained through farming, from dungeons, and fighting boss battles, is used to increase the level of your troops. Kyanite which is used to upgrade the academy technology can be obtained through your farm, from single player and multi-player dungeons, and by plundering other players castles.

Wartune Hints, Strategies And Cheats

wartune guildThis website is sponsored by Xcution Guild on the wartune.com website (Server s29). Xcution comprises of a group of hard core online browser based gamers that are dedicated to helping others. Xcution guild thrives on helping each other through the adventures of wartune by doing multi-player dungeons, arena battles, and guild battles together.

The high ranked members take the time to help new guild members become stronger through explaining to them what skills are best for them and what upgrades they should get. Higher ranked members will have training battles in the guild chambers to show new members what skills work the best and how they should increase their stats. Xcution also has it's own forum where guild members can discuss game strategies, game hints, and tricks. View Xcution Guild page now.

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