Wartune Currency Guide

wartune online gamingMost online mmorpg browser based games have some form of currency. To help you understand the many different currencies in wartune, we will go over some of the basics of wartune money. The different types of currencies are used to obtain different items, upgrades, or even temporary bonus skills.

Wartune currency works a little different than some of the online games that you may be used to playing. For this reason it is important that you read and follow the below strategy guide on wartune currencies and points.

wartune strategy

Wartune Gold
While you can obtain different items with different currency, it is imperative that you understand the most important currency in wartune is gold. Gold production is used for building construction and upgrades, research and study technology, enhance Wartune equipment and gear, recruit army, purchase guild tower skills, purchase seeds for farming, converting gems, and more. Review the wartune strategy guide for wartune gold production to discover how to receive gold in the wartune game.

Wartune Vouchers
With many online games you will have the option to purchase vouchers or coins, this is especially true with most facebook games. Wartune vouchers however are free and can't be purchased. You can receive vouchers through doing quest events, vip wheel, guilds altar, and by the tree of ancients in your wartune farm. Vouchers can be used to purchase farm land upgrades, some items (mostly runes) through the wartune shop, and can also be used to purchase a temporary upgrade for all stats while fighting the world boss.

Wartune Insignia's
Different parts of your wartune city has their own shops that sell certain items for that building, the arena is one of those buildings. The arena has a special currency called insignia's that can be used in the arena shop. You are able to purchase wartune equipment and gear, endurance potions, experience scrolls, special medallions, and other items. You can gain insignia's by participating in cross server arena duels, battle ground, guild battles, and from farm feeds.

Wartune Crypt Tokens
Just like the arena, the forgotten catacombs has a shop called the crypt shop which uses crypt tokens as the currency. You can use crypt tokens to purchase some rare items that will help boost your characters stats. Items such as health scrolls, jewelry, rings, and synthetic materials used to increase your equipement attributes. The catacombs consist of over 100+ levels and as you complete each set of levels (usually a set would be 5 levels) you will gain crypt tokens. The higher the level you complete the more crypt tokens you will be rewarded.

Wartune Game Resources

wartune guildWartune Kyanite Shards - Kyanite shards in wartune are more of a resource and not a currency but the kyanite is required to upgrade the technology of your academy. There are many technology skills for your hero, your troops, and for additional gold production. You will receive kyanite mostly through farming and plundering other players cities. You can also claim kyanite through dungeons, campaigns, and from the vip wheel in the form of seeds. The higher your academy level and the higher your technology is, the more kyanite you will need.

Wartune Daru - Just like kyanite, daru is more of a resource. Wartune daru is required to upgrade your troops levels. You will start with the most basic troops which are Lancers and as you progress and increase in level other troops such as Hunters, Priest, Paladins, Gryphons, Knights, and Angels will become available to you. Daru can be claimed from the wilds, farming, dungeons, campaigns and fighting in world boss fights.

Wartune Balens - Balens are the paid for currency in the wartune browser based game, meaning you have to pay real money in order to obtain balens. Balens can be used in the main shop to purchase upgrades, gems, runes, socketing rods, and other items. Wartune will have special gift packages to purchase in the shop from time to time. Balens also can be used in the market which randomly displays special items for sale. You can also use balens to pay for upgrades to your farm land or for temporary stats increase during boss fights.

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